martes, 1 de noviembre de 2016

5 reasons Hillary Clinton should be in prison

Hillary Clinton’s crime sheet reads like that of an old mafia boss only with the

  1. Benghazi
Not content with destroying Libya as a nation, Hillary Clinton’s woeful and questionably premeditated lack of security at the US diplomatic compound in Benghazi, one of the most violent cities not just in Libya but the world, must be investigated more seriously. The family of the murdered Chris Stevens blame Hillary Clinton for criminal negligence. I believe it is something more. It is analogues to when former British Prime Minister William Gladstone failed to relieve the besieged General Gordon in Khartoum leading to his death. This is a contemporary equivalent only far more sinister.
  1. Burning Bernie Sanders
Vladimir Putin has not meddled in the US election, Hillary Clinton has. Leaked emails reveal that the popular socialist Bernie Sanders had his chance of becoming president stolen from him by Hillary Clinton and her associates at the Democratic National Committee. If defrauding democracy is worth going to war over, certainly it is worth going to jail over. Millions of Americans had their votes stolen. Imagine how much more civilised an election it would be if a traditional conservative like Trump were running against a traditional socialist like Sanders?

  1. Email-Gate
Hillary Clinton’s use of private servers to send classified state secrets is inexcusable. Hillary Clinton abused her power as Secretary of State, running America’s foreign policy like a mafia state. If something like this were done in Africa or Latin America, the US Congress would be up in arms. The fact that the case has been re-opened shows that perhaps justice may be done at last, whether for the right reasons or otherwise.
  1. Funding Islamic Terrorism
Donald Trump was mocked when he said that Obama and Hillary were the founders of ISIS. Anyone who knows how the world works saw a clear connection between American ambitions to illegally overthrow the legitimate government of Syria and the funnelling of money through Saudi Arabia and Qatar to ISIS, Al Qaeda and others of the same ideology. Julian Assange has vindicated Donald Trump and if the world has any sense of justice left, Hillary must be held responsible for unleashing the hell that is ISIS and their compatriots.

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