lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2011

Libia: Fuertes disputas en el CNT (video)

This phone call is a dispute between a Misurati rebel leader and the NTC's Military spokesman, Colonel Ahmed Bani, showing numerous rebel's lies & hypocrisy. It confirms several facts:
- They talk about the presence of U.S & French troops within Misurata and Tripoli, and they are clearly admitting that foreign troops engaged in the attack and occupation of Tripoli, and are still there. 
A dispute over the weapons “troops” or “mercenaries” from Qatar. Where are the weapons from Qatar, where are the troops when we need
them?”, says the Misurati rebel. The deficiency of backing troops and weapons from Benghazi, while they have given them 150 millions (?) for it- The Misurati commander says that they didn’t get the weapons they were promised while they know they are in Benghazi. He swears that each of those in Benghazi who betrayed the Misurata brigade will pay the hard price and that the ‘revolution’ will succeed with or without them. He says that even if colonel Bani pretend he didn’t betrayed, he need to fix the situation, and give what they promised to Misurata brigade, as he’s in power.

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